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Marco’s Pizza

Marco's Pizza

Marco’s Pizza is an American restaurant chain that is a franchise based in Toledo, Ohio. It specializes in Italian-American cuisine. The first pizza restaurant was opened in Oregon, Ohio, on Starr Ave.

As of October 2020, there are over 1000 franchised Marco’s Pizza stores in America and Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and India. It credits its franchisees with its dough, three-cheese blend, and pizza sauce for its rapid growth. It was ranked number 10 on the Pizza Today list of the Top 100 Pizza store in 2016.


The journey of Marco’s Pizza started in 1978. Pasquale Pat Giammarco was the founder of this great Pizza. He was born in Sulmona, Italy. In 1978, it boasted over 900 locations across 35 states and four other countries. Giammarco himself created the sauce recipe for this Pizza.  Premium flour is used to make the dough, and pies are topped with three different kinds of cheese.

Giammarco came to the US from the Abruzzo state of Italy when he was only nine years old. He grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, with his family and worked at the family’s pizzeria. He learned the great sauce recipe from his father, which is now used in every Pizza.

Fulfilling the Milestone of 1000th Store

On October 21, 2020, Marco’s Pizza launched its milestone 1000th store in Kissimmee, Florida. It was an incredible journey to achieve 1000store charts with a dream of creating a pizza brand. CEO Jack Butorac discovered an excellent growth opportunity for the immigrant entrepreneurs Katya Barbaran and Rafi Vargas.

Vargas & Barbaran both are immigrants in the US having a dream of owning their own business. With their industry experiences and work, ethics made it possible to open this milestone. Thus, it creates a way for the next 1,000 stores.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Marco’s stayed committed to growth in 2020, opening 51 stores. It also has 89 new store commitments in the pipeline. It is the only national pizza franchise by a native Italian.


You can build your Pizza with Marco’s original sauce, choice of crust styles, and your favorite toppings. Every menu includes their original sausage and signature three kinds of cheese.




-Italian sausage



-Italian sausage


-green peppers



-black olives


-sliced tomatoes

-Plus feta


grilled chicken




-Signature Old World Pepperoni

-Romesan seasoning



-sliced tomatoes

-garlic parmesan sauce, plus feta

Pizza Bowls

If you order pizza bowls, you will have the best crust-less Pizza with pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, and bacon. Including their original sauce and signature three kinds of cheese and toppings.


Marco’s Subs include-


Marco’s Pizza offers four different salads with fresh-cut lettuce blend, ham, salami, cheese, sliced tomatoes, onions, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, and more.

Besides these menus, Marco’s offers crunchy sides and delicious desserts. Order from here:

Delivery technology, Automation, and Ghost Kitchens

The biggest pizza chains that have been successful during the Covid-19, like Papa John’s and Domino’s, have focused on technology. Marco’s Pizza is no different than them. They are accepting the technologies, from kitchen automation to smaller pod kitchens and virtual restaurants.

Contactless Technology

Like many restaurants, Marco’s also adapted to the demand for contactless delivery and pickup. However, they understood that software development had to be a part of the equation. They don’t support the tradition of leaving a delivery bag outside of a customer’s door.

They want the customers to have to be able to tell them when they arrive. So, they don’t have to get out of the car. As a result, they built the online app. Recently, they have also celebrated the one-millionth mobile application download with 30 percent off pizzas.

Automated kitchens

The contactless technology was begging step of their investment in innovation. Marco’s Pizza’s team spent much of the days of the pandemic looking for technology solutions. The aim was to tackle the challenges of the COVID-era for delivery.  They gave their best effort on convenience and social distancing in the kitchens.

This resulted in their first automated kitchen in Harrisburg, Pa.

Mini ‘Poduler’ Restaurants

Another technology innovation of Marco’s is Podular restaurants. In the days before the pandemic, Marco’s created a prototype pre-manufactured mini pizzeria. It can squeeze in where traditional store space is limited. These types of restaurants are built on 300-square-foot units and don’t have inside access. They have drive-thru and pickup windows.

Ghost kitchens

Ghost kitchens are inspiring restaurant chains of all sizes for virtual. It is the leading trend in the restaurant delivery sphere. In Los Angeles and Houston, Marco’s Pizza opened its first ghost kitchens. More ghost kitchen is in their pipeline, and some are in under construction.


Marco’s Pizza is a people-first, service-focused organization empowering franchisees to make a positive difference in their communities. They make the best-tasting pizza with high-quality ingredients. They are doing everything in the Italian way. Tony Libardi, the president of Marco’s Pizza, and his team is doing this to achieve historic record-breaking sales and pilot innovations. Learn more from Wikipedia.

How much fee Marco’s charge for delivery?

They charge for their delivery up to $3.75. From this, the driver makes only $1.00.

How many slices are in a large Marco’s Pizza?

There are eight slices in a large pizza with toppings crust style.

How much to pay for Marco’s Pizza Bowl?

The Pizza Bowls of Marco’s start at the suggested menu price of $8.49.

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