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How to Void a Check

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How to Void a Check

A “voided check” contains the word “void” written across the front side of it. It shows that no one should be accepted for payment. But other than payment it can be further used for getting information for online payments. There are also ways to void a check online.

The process of voiding a check is easy. But you must do it carefully because bad people can use your check for bad intentions.

Why Do You need to Void a Check?

There are several reasons for that you might want to void a check. I have already told you the reason to void a check. But there are more common cases where you will need to know why & how to void a check.

To set up direct payments.

If you want to make electronic payments, then you will need to void a check. It can be for your personal use, or to run a business. Suppose you have a business and your clients prefer to pay electronically. Then you may have to set up automatic payments. Thus, it will be urgent for you to void a check then. Don’t wait for that moment; learn how to void a check now.

For direct deposit

For getting paid faster, you will need to accept direct deposit service. Sometimes, your employer needs the necessary information about your bank account and bank routing number. You can provide those details by voiding a check and give it to your employer.

Regular bill payments

For paying the mortgage, car loan, or other bills online, you may have to submit a voided check.

Let’s see how to void a check step by step.

Step 1

First, get a pen to start the process. Never use a pencil in this case. If you use a pencil, it will be easy for fraud to “Unvoid” the check. Please use a black or blue marker. Just be careful about that nobody can erase it anyway.

Step 2

Now write the word “VOID” in the payee line with a capital letter. Write it as big as you can but not too much. Usually, the account name is the payee line. If you have already written the name, then write “VOID” over it.

Step 3

You are not done yet. Write “VOID” in the amount and in the dateline too. Thus, anyone reading the check can see the word “VOID”. Write the word “VOID” in your signature section too.

voiding a check

Keep a Copy of Your Voided Check

Always keep a copy of your voided check so that you can keep track of the checks. Sometimes, we all become confused when and why we did anything. So, to avoid confusion and stay relax, keep a copy pf your up to date financial records.

Write down which check was voided in your check-book or register. Mention the reason in the writings as well. As an example, it can be wrong amount.

How to Void a Check Online?

Voiding the check online depends on your bank. You may be able to cancel a check through your online banking. But it would help if you did that quickly. If you are late, the only way will be contacting your bank directly and getting a “Stop Payment Order.”

The check that has been issued but not yet cashed will work for “Stop Payment Order”. If you can able to do that soon enough, bankers will not cash the check. You may have to pay a fee to get this service.

Let’s see how to void a check online.

  • First, log into your account with your account name and password.
  • Now, look out for the customer services and options in your online banking system.
  • If there is options to stop or void a check, select that and cancel the check number.


Users often provide their routing and account numbers online without any problem. In that case, voided checks are not needed normally. Some online banking allows you to link other accounts too. Thus, you can add that information by typing those details yourself. Let us know if you want to know more about banking and voiding a check.

What to do if a check is lost?

Contact your bank immediately. According to the law, the user is not responsible for a check if someone stole or forged the signature.

Can I mail a check to the bank?

Yes. But when you do that, make a restricted endorsement. As an example endorsed “for deposit only”. Don’t forget to include the account number.

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