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How to Pass Quarantine Days

by Blog Sur

The covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles. Every moment someone around the world is being quarantined or hospitalized by the virus. Every day we hear and see the news of the death of countless people due to the virus. Until the virus is entirely under control, we should all follow hygiene and stay in quarantine.

But, nobody wants to get stuck at home. Being stuck inside, we get more depressed if there is nothing to do. Actually, quarantined is not that bad if you have the stuff to do. So, in this article, I will present you with the seven best ideas that will keep you busy during your quarantine.

Stream a Concert or TV a Show

Since the social distancing started to slow the spread of the virus, performers have been trying to arrange the concerts online. Popular bands and artists have been trying to entertain people through the internet.

They are streaming their program through different social media like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. You can enjoy your favorite program live or pre-recorded items.

Besides, you can pass your quarantine days by watching various TV shows or movies. TV & movie streaming channel such as Netflix is the most popular platform nowadays. However, you have to pay subscriptions to watch movies on Netflix. But there are many other free platforms too.

streaming tv shows

Take an Online Museum Tour

Science blessed us with many technologies. Nowadays, we can overcome any situation through technology without any effort. So we must regret the blessings of science.

When you are spending the quarantine days, you can consider virtual tours at the digital museums. Can’t believe this? Well, it is normal if you can’t, but it is possible in the present days.

With a laptop or an android smartphone, you can visit famous museums virtually. United States, Seoul, Berlin, Florence, and more countries have virtual apps for the museum tour.

The Culture App for iPhone and Android lets you view paintings in AR (Artificial Reality). You can also read about masterpieces and find the world’s best paintings. Another way for the online tour is Google Map. Just explore when you are in the mood to explore.

Virtual Museum

Do DIY Projects in Quarantine

DIY means Do it yourself! So, you can concentrate on the projects that you are doing by yourself. You can start new projects to pass your quarantine days.

For DIY ideas, you can get help from the internet. Watch videos, browse Pinterest to get unique DIY ideas. Quarantine days are the days for nursing your creativity. Make some kitchen hacks to organize your kitchen. I’m sure you can pass the whole day if you do kitchen-related projects.

Do Exercise or Yoga

Sitting or relaxing on the couch will get you bored. Besides, it is terrible for your health if you rest all day long. So it is better to get sweated once a day to keep the body fit.

From dozens of virtual fitness programs on the internet, choose some that you can do at home. Of course, you will choose the one that you like, and fits your lifestyle. Besides, many fitness apps are free. Apps like Pocket Yoga have free features but require subscriptions.  Watch videos on YouTube to get Yoga ideas.



You are in isolation, so there is no people around you. And it makes a calm and noiseless place to meditate. You can go deep in your mind through meditation this time. You will feel light and tensionless.

There are many meditation rules. Try to follow those properly. You can also play music to concentrate on. YouTube is the best place where you can find many meditate music.


Try to Read Something New In Quarantine

Are you a book lover like me? Well, then you have read all the books from your shelves, right? But there are no limits to read. Always learn something new by reading any article or book. It will keep you busy and enlighten you at the same time.

You can read a new book or old books again. I will suggest you read some newspapers or magazines. By reading those, you can be aware of the current affairs. You can download many E-books from the internet too. You can pass your quarantine days fast only by reading new things.

Photograph Little Things

Your quarantine days are the best time to practice macro photography with your camera or smartphone. Shoot your DIY projects and post them on social media. Then enjoy the reactions of your friends. You can also record the whole project and upload it to your channel.


But when you are not doing any projects, practice macro photography with every little thing in your room. Besides, you can do night photography from your balcony. Try to capture the whole city that has changed due to covid-19. If you have a digital camera, then learn different settings such as ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. Also consider learning different photography rules like the rule of thirds.

There is another thing that you can do to pass your quarantine nights. If you have a telescope, then explore the stars in the sky at night. If not, try to manage one, or you can order one from a different E-commerce sites.


During the quarantine period, you can do a lot of fun things too. Your quarantine days will be easier by playing online games, solving puzzles, playing cards online with friends. Nowadays, gaming with friends online is a popular trend among gamers. They play games from their home and stream that through an online platform. Try to be creative and always do something to keep you busy in the quarantine days.

What is the recovery time for the covid-19?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the time for recovery is approximately two weeks. But for patients with severe disease is 3-6 weeks.

How much time should I exercise in self-quarantine?

Specialist doctors recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity workout per week for adults.

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