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Bet365 Bangladesh

Bet365 Overview:

Bet365, a British online gambling company, is based in the United Kingdom. Denise Coates was the founder and joint chief executive. John is still the majority shareholder.

Bet365 is an internet gambling site that offers casino-type and sports betting. Bet365 is headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent and has additional offices in Manchester, Gibraltar, Malta, Bulgaria, Australia, and Malta.

How to create a be365 account from Bangladesh

Step 1: Bet365 Bangladesh Link (above) and click on the join button from the top right corner. From Bangladesh, you can’t access the main website. Follow the alternative link to access the bet365 account.

Step 2: Provide your information and create an account. Don’t put any wrong information because bet365 will verify all the information. So, keep your national ID/ Passport/Driving License when you create a bet365 account.

Step 3: Verification of your mail and documents. 

  • The first step is verifying your mail. 
  • Then you need to verify your account information using a passport/national ID card/ Driving license. 
  • Address Verification: In this step, you must submit your utility bill (Electricity/gas/water bill) to verify your current address. You have to provide recent documents, and most of the time, they don’t accept documents (older than 3 months).

Step 4: Deposit Money. There are several deposit options available from Bangladesh.

Step 5: Select the match and place a bet. 

Bet365 Deposit option available from Bangladesh

Check the image below, and you will see the deposit way and upload limitation from Bangladesh.

But we prefer to select Skrill or Neteller option; it’s an easy way to deposit and withdraw your funds. In this case, you must need to same email ID when you create Skrill or Neteller account. That means bet365 and Neteller/Skrill account mail will be the same.

How to place a bet in bet365

Select a match that you want to place a bet on. Here I select Bangladesh vs New Zealand – Twenty20 match. You will see many betting options/categories available on every match. 

Select which category you want to place a bet on. Then set a stake and place Bet.

For example: Here, I select the “To Win the Match” category. 

Then place a bet in Bangladesh 1.40 

It means I choose the Bangladesh team, and 1.40 is the odds. If I bet $100, I will receive $140 if Bangladesh wins. If New Zealand wins, I lose the game. 

Then I select and choose an option, which one you want to place a bet. Set your amount and click place it. 

Settle Time: Most of the Bets will settle within few seconds.

It’s a gambling company and plays at your own risk. 

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