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6 Simple Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew

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Many people wonder how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew? This article will discuss cork opening ideas without using a corkscrew.
Let’s say, You are having a party and your friends are coming over to your place. You are chatting, laughing and all. Suddenly you thought of having a glass of wine. You take out the bottle but cannot find the corkscrew to open the bottle. You look into the internet, searching for solutions to this crisis. 

We have wrapped up some of the Easy can-opening ideas in today’s blog. These ideas will make your life easy. So, let’s jump into it.

6 Easy Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Method 1: Open Wine Bottle Using Blowtorch or Lighter


You can use either a blow torch or a lighter to open up a wine bottle. Make sure you’re wearing protective eyewear and gloves. Then follow some steps.

Step- 1

 Grab a bottle. Break the seal and set the bottle on the table.

Step- 2

 Then, Light up a blow torch and move the flame around the bottle’s neck.

Step- 3

 Follow this step for a minute. Then you will see that the cork is coming out slowly. After a while, the cork will pop out of the bottle. 

You can also use a blow torch to complete the task.

Method 2: Open a Wine Bottle Using Key 


Step 1: 

 Take a bottle and break the seal. Then, grab a key in your hand.

Step- 2: 

 Push the key into the cork at a 45-degree angle. The key should push through the center of the cork.

Step- 3: 

 Then twist the cork slowly. The cork should come out after a few rotations.

If this way doesn’t work, push the key properly. 

Method 3: Wine Bottle Opening Using Screw and Hammer


Step- 1: 

 First of all, break the seal of your wine bottle.

Step- 2: 

 Then take a screw and try to push ⅔ of its length through the cork. You can use a screwdriver to drive the screw.

Step- 3: 

 After that, you will need a fork. Place the screw head between the gaps of forks.

Step- 4:

 Gently make a twist. Then pull the cork outward. The cork will come out quickly.

You can also use a hammer or pliers to pull the cork following these steps. 

Method 4: Wine Bottle Opening Using Shoe


This trick is one of the most popular methods used among wine lovers. The shoe trick works best with the shoe that has a higher hill portion. To open a wine bottle using show, you need to follow these steps. 


 Firstly, remove the seal of the bottle. Ensure no plastic cover or anything is blocking the cork from opening. 

Step- 2

 Then, place the bottle inside the shoe. After that, place the bottle against the tree in a horizontal position. Hold the bottle in one hand and the shoe in the other hand.  

Step- 3

 Holding the wine bottle in one hand, gently bang the shoe’s sole against the wall. You have to make sure that the sole hits the wall directly instead of the bottle. 

Step- 4:

 After a few moments, you will see the cork coming out.

Method 5: Wine Bottle Opening Using Drill Pin


Another neat trick for opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew is using a drill pin.

Step- 1

 Push the sharp tip of the drill pin through the cork. Make sure it goes up to ⅔ portion of the cork at 45 degrees angle. 

Step- 2

 Then, turn the pin anti-clockwise. 


 After a while, you will see the pin start to come out. Then pull out the cork and enjoy the wine. 

Method 6: Wine Bottle Opening Using Spoon


It is a simple trick, but it’s a straightforward method to follow. You can use a thin measured wooden spoon. Then follow the steps below. 

Step- 1

 Firstly, take the wine bottle and place it on a table.

Step- 2

 Then, pick a wooden spoon. Place the grip part of the spoon on the cork. 

 Step- 3

 After that, push the spoon downward inside the bottle. 

 Step- 4

 Finally, the cork will fall inside the wine bottle. You can quickly drink the wine from the bottle. 

Pictures and Video Collected From Show Maker.

There are some other ways you can follow through to open a can instead of a can cutter. You can use a wooden spoon, big knife, fork, scissors, and many more. Hope you liked the ideas. To learn more about life hacks, keep browsing Blogsur.com.

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