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5 Easy Ways to Cleanse Crystals

by Blog Sur

If you’re into crystals for energy work and stuff, you may wonder how to cleanse crystals. Some believe that the crystals act on receiving and sending natural negativity out into the world. Crystals absorb or redirect the negative energy that you dire to release.

Crystals are some solid material, and inside this, the components of atoms are arranged in a definite pattern. Some believe they make sense of chaos, bring balance into the minds, and keep them safe from bad vibes and toxic energy. 

Using crystals in spiritual and cleansing rituals dates back to the medieval age. People used it as a versatile energy property over the years. 

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. Here we will discuss five effective ways to cleanse crystals.

Method 1: Full Moon Cleansing 

Cleansing Crystals in Full Moon.
Cleansing Crystals in Full Moon

However, the crystal cleansing rituals often occur during the lunar cycle. The power of the moon is exceptionally potent. The process of lunar activity reflects the natural cycle of death and rebirth. 

Moonlights and crystals go hand in hand. The moon can cleanse the crystals on a deep energy level. This ritual has been performed for centuries. Place the crystals outside on a full moon. And it will take away any negative energy from them. Also, this cleansing will ensure the negative energy will return back to earth. 

Wherever you put them, make sure they won’t be damaged or interfered with by natural calamities. Leave those stones out overnight so they can fully recharge. Also, make sure to bring it inside before the sunray ruins the energy of the crystals.

Method 2: Water Cleansing

Not only is water essential for any form of life, but it is one of the most precious resources we have on earth. It’s a sustainable source and, therefore, cleanses us. Water also revives the healing power of crystals. There are two ways to wash crystals with water, depending on your living area. 

Natural Resources: 

Generally, for cleansing purposes, you can use natural water resources. Flowing water sources like rivers, waterfalls, oceans are the perfect place for crystal cleansing. Make sure you put the stones inside a permeable bowl or container anchored to land before placing them. Otherwise, you might lose the rocks in the steam. 

Household Resources: 

If you don’t live anywhere near water resources, regular resources like household water will do the same. Before using the water, purify it if possible. Leave the crystals for two to three hours but not more than 12 hours. After the decent soak, remove them from the water and gently dry them with a fresh towel. 

Before submerging crystals into the water, make sure they’re compatible with water. Some of the softer crystals don’t go well with water. Hence, some of them can react differently when in contact with salt and water. 

Method 3: Smudging Cleansing 

Cleansing Crystals in Smudging

Smudging is an effective and ancient way to cleanse crystals. You can perform this ritual to purify the space around you. Traditionally, ancient healers used herbs and objects to eradicate the harmful frequency. 

Some commonly used herbs include sage, lavender, cedar, etc. If you’re going for a DIY process, choose dried herbs and bind them using thin twine. 

Whenever you’re smudging the crystals, make sure you do this in front of an open window or outdoor to avoid any accident. Also, it will help the bad energy to diminish into the atmosphere. Light the sage stick and hold it in one hand. Then take the crystal in another hand and wave the sage around the crystal. Make sure the crystal stays inside the wave of smoke for at least 30 seconds. Follow this procedure for a couple of minutes. 

You can also cleanse the space you live in or yourself by following these steps. 

Method 4: Geodes and Slabs Cleansing

It might surprise you, but you can cleanse crystals using other crystals. Clear quartz and selenite are highly used in this process. Clear quartz is known for its healing behavior, and selenite is well-versed in diminishing toxic vibe. 

To clean crystals with more giant geodes, put the tiny crystals over the large slabs or could put them together inside a plastic bag. Leave them for at least six hours and have patience overnight. 

Method 5: The Earth Cleansing

Earth itself combines materials that include minerals, rocks, water, and soil. Scientists said that walking barefoot on grass or dirt cleanses negative energy from the body. 

Following this, you can bury the crystals and cleanse them within mother nature. Make sure they are covered entirely in the soil. 

To do that, find a space in your backyard or garden and bury them inside the earth. The surroundings should be quiet and calm. Bury them a few inches deep and leave them for a week. 

Bury them for one to three days. In the meantime, the earth will cleanse the negative energy and renew the energy sources of those stones. Once you have dug out the rocks, please give them a nice water bath and dry them with a towel. 
Crystals become heavy when they absorb negative energy. 

Why is it important?

As crystals take part in energy absorption, the stones also require cleansing. Although, cleansing crystals is a complex part of any crystalline practice. Cleansing them will ensure the crystals are fully charged and ready to fulfill their purpose. 

A good crystal cleansing keeps your gem shiny, strengthening the connection and spiritual bond between you and nature. You can follow the steps to cleanse the negative energy from the crystals. There are other ways like sunray, lunar eclipse, sound, and many ways you can follow to cleanse your crystals. We hope you liked the article. For more, keep visiting Blogsur.com.

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